Three New Articles on BCIS Interface

The Berglund Center for Internet Studies has published three new articles for the Interface online journal.

The Berglund Center for Internet Studies is proud to showcase the thoughts and ideas of others through Interface, a journal of education, community and values.

Three new articles have been published for the month of January:

TechTrends by Leonard Duboff talks about the recent updates and clarifications made by the federal legislature and courts for laws on intellectual property. The article particularly focuses on copyright, patents, and trademark.

Understanding "WikiLeaks", a review by Jeffery Barlow, addresses an article from The New York Times on the current issues surrounding WikiLeaks.

Investigating the Use of Mobile Technology in Healthcare and Clinical Eduation by Sandra Pelham-Foster encompasses the potential of today's mobile tech in further improving healthcare education and delivery.

The Berglund Center facilitates both theoretical discussion and practical action relating to the impact of the Internet upon individuals and their communities worldwide. We are interested in the effects of the Internet on the ways we work, communicate, teach and learn. It is endowed through a generous gift from Pacific University alumni Mary and James Berglund of La Jolla, Calif.

For more information about Interface or the Berglund Center for Internet Studies, contact the Berglund Center at 503-352-1466 or or visit the BCIS website.

Posted by Matt dela Pena ( on Jan 24, 2013 at 3:13 PM

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