Berglund Roundtable Discussion Recap Now on Vimeo

Watch the full recap of a recent Roundtable, "Privacy Security, and Government Surveillance: WikiLeaks and the New Accountability," by Adam Moore now on Vimeo.

The Berglund Center for Internet Studies presents a recap of its last Roundtable discussion for the Fall 2012 Series. Titled Privacy, Security, and Government Surveillance: WikiLeaks and the New Accountability, it was presented by Adam Moore on Nov. 2.

Adam Moore, Ph.D, is an associate professor of the Philosophy Department and Information School at the University of Washington. He examines the ethical, legal and policy issues surrounding intellectual property, privacy and information control. He has written two books, two edited anthologies, and more than 25 articles.

In his presentation, he talks about the "new accountability" forced upon corporations and governments alike by information sharing sites such as WikiLeaks. He argues that sharing sensitive information about individuals, corporations and governments is actually morally problematic. Nevertheless, two factors mitigate the "wrongness" of these types of cases: our right to freedom of information and the ability of such information leaks to force a realignment of power. Moore says, “For decades, corporations and governments have been able to collect, store, and share information about ordinary citizens while restricting access to their own information. Sharing sites like WikiLeaks are changing this balance of power.”

Catch the video recap of Moore's presentation here:

The Berglund Center facilitates both theoretical discussion and practical action relating to the impact of the Internet upon individuals and their communities worldwide. It is endowed through a generous gift from Pacific University alumni Drs. Mary and James Berglund of La Jolla, Calif.

The Roundtable series began in 2005 and features topics of significant current concern relating to the impact of the Internet. All discussions are videotaped and available online at

For more information about the Berglund Center for Internet Studies, contact the Berglund Center at 503-352-1466 or or visit the BCIS website.

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