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New University Website Planning Progresses


Last fall we announced a new partnership with Oak Tree Digital, a local online marketing agency we are working with to create and implement a comprehensive website strategy, from discovery to launch of a new University website built using an open source Content Management System (CMS) platform. Today, I would like to update you on the process.  

Stakeholder Sessions
Prior to winter break we held 14 facilitated and taped stakeholder sessions, with 10 to 12 people in each session from all major functional areas across our Pacific community. These sessions provided a wealth of information regarding how people perceived who we are as a university, what differentiates us from our competitors , what is and isn't working on our current website and how we transform the spirit of the Pacific brand to a rewarding online experience. More than 150 people attended and we had a high level of engaged participation. 

Online Surveys
In addition, we had two online surveys, one for prospective students as well as one for current students, alumni, faculty and staff. Similar questions from the stakeholder sessions were included with some of the information gathered in the stakeholder sessions used to inform some of the available answers to questions posed. Almost 400 members of the Pacific family participated in the surveys.   

Strategic Brief
The deliverable for the first step in this process (Phase 1: Discover, Strategy and Planning) is a Strategic Brief from Oak Tree that provides analysis specific to our brand, the existing website, audience segmentation, competitors site analysis, user experience and design recommendations and technical planning. We now have the Strategic Brief in hand and are reviewing and discussing before next steps. More to come. 

Project Scope
The scope of the Internet Strategy project is to create a new website built on a Content Management System (CMS) with improved navigation (site architecture) that focuses on an external audience (prospective students and parents) and an internal audience (via an Intranet). The Intranet will use our existing technology, serving the information up through strengthened navigation specific to an internal audience. In addition, the development of a new website enables us to ensure a mobile ready website (responsive design). It is clear from stakeholder sessions that CANS functionality (news feed and calendaring) will need to be replaced using the new CMS technology. Recommendations on enhancements, within the scope of the project and beyond will be evaluated and discussed and may include such improved functionality for student recruitment and retention such as the academic calendar and the ability to pay online (these are examples).    

Web Maintenance Clean Up
To better position us to build a new website, using much or our existing content, we continue to work with the campus community to improve our content and navigation. In addition, we are beginning the process of significant back office maintenance to identify and eliminate outdated, unused content that still exists. More to come on these processes as we move forward.  

If I can answer any questions, please let me know how I can assist.
Much appreciated,

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