Teach for America-Corps Member 2013

"I advise students to consider all the doors that being a part of TFA opens for their future. It is a great program that allows people to start addressing societal problems that are often overlooked."

Andrew Walkup

Class of 2013

Exercise Science

Corps Member 2013


First Steps

I was hell-bent on earning my doctorate of physical therapy from Pacific University when I graduated high school. That ambitious drive is still there but I am hoping to experience life by teaching to Title 1 students in Jacksonville Florida with Teach for America. It is a two-year commitment and therefore a two-year delay for me to decide what type of healthcare professional I would like to be. I am majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology. If, over the course of those two years, I decide that I want to go back to school to be a PT or a PA, then I can go back to those programs with greater commitment. If I decide that teaching is something I would like to pursue as a life-long career, I can get discounted rates at attaining a master’s in education through Teach for America. It really is a great opportunity for me to get out of school and be involved in a non-profit organization that is helping address our society’s problems.

Finding a Pathway

To be honest, I had never heard of TFA before the start of my senior year. I received an email from a TFA correspondent on our campus and started looking into all of the benefits that being involved in TFA affords! Not the least of which being $11,000 in loan reimbursement! I was sold after I started investigating. I haven’t done any “work” within the TFA Corporation. Although it is worthy to note that the TFA application process is the most extensive application process that I have ever been involved in. They do their best to prepare you for the application process and I greatly appreciate the resources they provided to all their potential corps members (i.e. webinars, multiple contacts that check in with you). I would suggest that they should plan ahead of time (1-2 years) before applying and make sure that they have outstanding amounts of leadership and community service experience.


I plan on using all the knowledge from my undergraduate studies coupled with my people skills to provide a classroom that is both fun and effective in imparting knowledge to kids. I bring a diverse background that can show just how far hard work will allow a person to go. I hope that my students will leave my classroom thinking about all the possible things that they would like to do with their lives and all the ways they will be able to attain those occupations/goals. Organizing my fraternity to do monthly community service, in addition to all the events and other commitments that the fraternity demands, has been my most significant accomplishment during my years at Pacific. I hope that the fraternity will continue finding new and fun ways to involve themselves in the community while still holding onto our community service commitments after I have gone! I advise those students to consider all the doors that being a part of TFA opens for their future. It is a great program that allows people to start addressing societal problems that are often overlooked.


Other than applying to the program, I have attended multiple webinars that are specifically designed to guide me toward being the best teacher I can be. Most of the time commitment is spent during the summer before teaching (after graduation). I have learned that the community of Forest Grove has a unique set of needs and will allow students to grow and develop through addressing those needs. The cause that I most identified with was providing a safe and fun environment for kids to play in. Our fraternity has dedicated more than 80 hours to cleaning up Lincoln Park, Thatcher Park and B-street Farm in hopes that kids will use these areas for personal development and growth.

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