Marvelyn (Davison) Hess '64 and M. Dan Hess '54

Dan and I would have been married 58 years on December 27, 2011. He died December 11, 2011. I am going to claim all of those 58 years.

Our life together got its start at Rogers Canning Company in Milton-Freewater, OR in the summer of 1953. Dan was home from Pacific for his summer job, the same one he had every summer since he was 15--working in the warehouse, driving jitney, stacking pallets of canned peas. I worked in the office as secretary to the “main man.” 

I knew Dan when he was a BMOC at MacHi and I was a lowly underclassman, but then we both had “steadies.”  One day that summer I managed to need help making note pads, so I walked to the warehouse and found Dan who was all to glad to show his prowess at the paper cutter.

He stacked the papers carefully and pulled on the cutting handle. To no avail! Then he tried again and the third time, the blade shattered! Faulty equipment--we forgot to unlock the handle.  I do not remember if I ever got the notepads made, but we went on our first date that week.  

Dan left for football practice in mid August and we wrote letters of undying love every day until I arrived on campus in September. At Herrick Hall I met my new roommate AND got a very cold reception from several Kappa Deltas. It was years before I knew why. But I became a proud Kappa.

I learned about the “Pie Shop” where we went almost every night; I learned about “pebbles at the window; I learned about “pinning” and frat serenades;  bonfires, mums, May Poles, AZ Breakfast Dances, curfews, front porch goodnights... All part of a wonderful campus education.

We married during Christmas break that year. Dan graduated in May, 1954,  and we moved in September to Scappoose where Dan got his first teaching/coaching job. I got educated in bits and pieces and managed to graduate from Pacific in May 1964.

Fifty-eight years hold far too many stories and memories to be included here.  But Dan was always proud to be a Pacific grad and no one told stories better than he.


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