Roses and Plaque Honor Eva Krebs

New rose bushes near Old College Hall honor the memory of the late vice president at Pacific University

The flowerbed outside Old College Hall has few actual flowers in mid-February. 

A couple of intrepid crocuses are tempting an early spring, boasting vivid green sprouts and dark early buds that have already taken a hit from an overnight frost.

Nearby, three new rose bushes take a more stalwart approach. With thorny vines and no early leaves or buds, the roses give little hint of the beauty they will display in just a few short months.

They are patient. Classic. Steadfast.

The new rose bushes were planted last fall, dedicated by the Pacific University Parents Association in memory of Eva C. Krebs, the former vice president of Student Life, who passed away in July. The plaque marking the dedication was recently installed.

“Roses planted by the Pacific Parent Association in memory of Eva C. Krebs for her dedication to our children,” the plaque reads, before going on to quote a poem written by Krebs herself:

“The Red Rose, Pure in its beauty, Natural in its growth, Unmistakable in its form — Like the love of a parent for a child.”

The roses are a lasting, living tribute to Krebs, who was a longtime member of the Pacific University family and who helped hundreds of students on their academic and personal journeys.

Read about Eva Krebs dedication to Pacific University

Honor Eva Krebs with a donation to the Eva C. Krebs ‘Make A Difference’ Boxer Spirit Award Endowment

Posted by Jenni Luckett ( on Feb 18, 2013 at 11:47 AM

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