Summer Equity Research Program

The Power of Difference: Enhancing a Community of Inclusion OHSU Center for Diversity & Inclusion.

Thinking about graduate school?
Interested in research, nursing, medicine, or dentistry?


Interested in research, medicine, nursing or dentistry? The Center for Diversity & Inclusion offers the Summer Equity Research Program an exciting paid internship for undergraduate students interested in dentistry, medicine or  research to spend eight to ten weeks during the summer working with faculty and graduate students in a research and clinical setting.

Spend your summer working with faculty and graduate students at the OHSU Equity Summer Research, Dental, Nursing and Medicine Internship Program. Learning opportunities include:


• Hands-on experience in a research setting
• Clinical shadowing and dental observation
• Weekly seminars and meetings with fellow students and faculty
to discuss ongoing research
• A poster presentation of your research project
• Ongoing, personal mentoring about your individual career path


The OHSU Equity Summer Research, Dental, Nursing and Medicine Internship Program offers:


Click here to download the Equity Internship application or visit for more information


Ebony M Lawrence

Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Oregon Health & Science University

O: 3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road, Portland, OR 97239

P: 503 494-5025  || FB: || T: @OHSU_CDI || F: 503 494-4918





Equity Research Program (Undergraduate students interested in Research, Dentistry or Medicine)

Applications are NOW available

Application Deadline March 22, 2013


Ted R. Lilley Cancer CURE Program (High School students interested in Medicine and Research)

Applications are NOW available

Application Deadline April 5, 2013


March 14: OHSU State of Diversity

12 – 2 p.m., Vey Conference Center

Who Should Apply

The paid internship program seeks diverse students from underserved, economically and socially disadvantaged communities.
Applicants must have completed at least one full year of college coursework. The most competitive applicants will have completed coursework in mathematics and basic sciences, (e.g. biology, chemistry, neuroscience, biopsychology)
Our Focus on Diversity and Inclusion
Diversity is central to OHSU’s core values. “Be a great organization, diverse in people and ideas” is the first goal in our Strategic Plan.
OHSU’s programs offer world-class education for tomorrow’s doctors, dentists and nurses; for scientists and engineers; and for a vast array of other healthcare professionals. Embracing diversity gives us the power to demonstrate integrity, compassion, and leadership in healing, teaching, research and community service.




March 22,2013


Contact the Center for Diversity & Inclusion:
Ph: 503.494.5657 | Email:

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