Summer Internships

Check out the summer internships available! Not sure how to get one or why it would be beneficial? Take a look!

Thinking about a summer internship?

Spring Break is right around the corner, the perfect time to apply!


How does an internship benefit me?

Internships are useful experiences that will be beneficial when you decide to pursue a new career. Internships allow for students to explore career options connected to their major and build professional connections to help ease the transition from college life to a professional career.


Why intern during the summer?

Over spring break, make sure to check around at local companies that you could potentially intern at during the summer! Get your foot in the door early!


Many companies have internship opportunities available. Experiences differ from company to company and person to person; make sure you find one that suits you and your career needs.


There are a few things to note when looking for an internship:


Nike is looking for interns! There are several opportunities available. Does one of these suit your career needs or catch your interest?

Students will work for 12 weeks in Beaverton, OR.


OHSU is looking for a Student Researcher during the summer! Students will work in Portland. Hurry and apply though because the closing date is the first of April!


You could work for Waggener Edstrom Worldwide as a Public Relations intern on the Microsoft account during this summer in Portland.


Adidas is looking for interns as well. Do any of these opportunities catch your attention?

Students will work over the summer in Portland.


For more internships and information check out and

For personalized help or more questions contact our Internship Coordinator Melissa Vieira in the Career Development Center.

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