Love Music and Radio? Tune in to Others and Their Passions Through Radio

Boxer Radio and Student Activities seek candidates for Station Manager for next year. Applications are due Friday, March 29, 2013.

The Boxer Radio Station collects talents from Pacific’s DJ’s, MC’s and music lovers into a single voice, streaming a commercial-free mix of news, interviews, in-studio performances and eclectic music programming on The Station Manager must be comfortable working independently, have excellent computer and social media skills, be willing to learn new software and technology, and knowledge of various music history and genres. Must maintain four office hours per week, attend weekly ACE Board meetings, keep station equipment in operating order, recruit and manage DJ’s and radio shows, be willing to advertise events and sponsor campus events as well.

To apply: E-mail to by Friday, March 29, answers to the following questions. Please keep your answers under two pages.

  1. What excites you about this position?
  2. What goals— for the benefit of other students— would you want to achieve in that position and what experience do you have to achieve those goals?
  3. Describe a time that you communicated in a manner that did ONE of the following: built a feeling of team; inspired others to help or work harder; avoided confusion and facilitated organization; reduced frustration or hostility; or, helped others learn something quickly or easily.
  4. Top candidates will be interviewed by a committee during the first two weeks of April. What times on weekdays are you generally available for an interview?

Full job descriptions for this paid position are available at: Candidates are strongly encouraged to review the descriptions prior to an interview, if not earlier.


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