Job Opening -Chemistry Teacher

Job Opening - Chemistry teacher at Valley Catholic High School. Please see posting for more information.

Valley Catholic High School, a 9-12 school of 350 students in Beaverton, Oregon, is seeking a chemistry teacher.  The position is permanent and full-time and offers full benefits.  The teacher will teach five classes a day divided among sophomore conceptual and honors chemistry and AP Chemistry.  The AP class is a second-year course offered to juniors and seniors.  Valley Catholic is a rigorous college-prep school.  All students are required to take biology, chemistry, and physics.  AP courses are offered in chemistry and biology.  Two physics AP courses, B and C, are offered (as are Calculus AB and BC).  A bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a closely related field is required.  Advanced degrees and teaching experience will strengthen a resume but are not required, nor is a teaching certificate.  Please direct inquiries to Ross Thomas at

Posted by Jennifer Bridgewater ( on Mar 21, 2013 at 10:40 AM

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