New USPS Business Reply Mail Requirements

United States Postal Service implements new Intelligent Mail barcode on all BRM envelopes.


The U.S. Postal Service has implemented new standards for Intelligent Mail® barcode for all business reply mail (BRM). 

Intelligent Mail® barcodes provide better tracking by the Postal Service, as well as discounted rates to businesses.

Mail Services and Marketing & Communications have collaborated to meet these requirements and new templates have gone through the USPS approval process, providing the university with the lowest postage return rates available.

Please use the new templates, which are available on Vault > Departments > University Advancement > Branded Templates > Templates > USPS.

The only variation that you should make to these templates is to add "ATTN: Your Department/Code Name" above "Pacific University" on the mailer. The BRM/IMb service is only available using the Forest Grove Campus address.

To assure compliance with USPS standards, please order your business reply mail/IMb stock through the Service Center, ext. 2731.

If you have postal questions, please contact Mail Services at ext. 2192.

If you have design questions, contact Marketing & Communications at ext. 2211.

If you have ordering questions contact Services Center at ext. 2721

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