Job Opening - Bethel School District in Washington State

Bethel School District in Washington State is looking for a Japanese/Language Arts teacher.

The Bethel School District in the state of Washington is seeking teacher applicants who have the potential to be leaders and innovative educators. Successful candidates will demonstrate the ability to deliver instruction based upon best available research and practices in teaching and learning.

If you are a current Bethel School District employee, you must complete an INTERNAL application. All other applicants, including current substitutes, must complete the standard application.

•Valid and appropriate certificate and endorsements for Washington State required.
•Meet requirements of No Child Left Behind Act.
•Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain effective classroom management.
•Demonstrated ability to successfully employ effective teaching methods.
•Demonstrated desire and ability to work and communicate effectively with staff, students and parents from diverse cultural backgrounds.

•Previous successful teaching experience at grade level/subject preferred.
•Understanding of Washington State Essential Academic Learning Requirements.
•Demonstrated ability to differentiate instruction, and use a variety of instructional strategies and methods appropriate for student learning needs.
•Ability to integrate technology with the curriculum.
•Problem solving abilities and critical thinking skills.
•Ability to organize ideas, time and materials to accomplish goals.
•Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively and plan with other staff members through Professional Learning Communities.
•Desire and willingness to continue to learn and pursue professional development.
•Be enthusiastic, flexible and have a commitment for students to reach high learning standards.
•Willingness to accept extracurricular assignments. 

Posted by Jennifer Bridgewater ( on May 30, 2013 at 7:43 AM

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