Pacific University Brand Standards Update

Brand Standards Update Overview

The Pacific University Brand Standards have just been updated. Our brand standards create the foundation for an engaging, unified and consistent brand framework for Pacific University. The complete guide continues to be available online and a limited print supply will be arriving in many campus mailboxes shortly. Please share these with your colleagues.

The Brand Standards initially rolled out as part of rebranding work done in 2008 and were last updated in September 2011. Since that time the university has continued to grow and evolve, and with it our brand … an important asset of our university. In July 2013, we will begin the fourth year of the Integrated Marketing Strategy (IMS), a highly visible marketing campaign that is connected to and is part of our overall Brand Standards. The Brand Standards also provide a consistent graphic and editorial identity that supports the advancement of the university.

Brand Standards Update Overview

New Guidelines | New guidelines were created and include expanded website formatting standards, a more defined framework for visual elements and additional editorial standards.

New Resources | New resources were developed and are now part of the Brand Standards. Examples include expanded brand templates and the Boxer Nation Online Store.

New Information | In addition to new resources and new guidelines, there are other updates. Examples include changes in the AP Style Guide, as well as changes at our university (such as the addition of the College of Business, new majors and a new office in Hawai‘i). In addition, we are eliminating periods in degrees.

Templates Available on Vault( | Go to>Online Tools>Vault [enter by using your PUnet ID and password] >departments>University Advancement>Branded Templates 

If I can answer any questions, please let me know how I can assist.

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