Discover Boxer Search!

Pacific University Libraries introduce one search box that provides seamless access to physical and electronic materials.

Big changes are in store for the Pacific University Libraries.

A new and improved library system will debut in mid–June 2013. Our new Boxer Search will make it easier for you to find – and get – the information you need. We are moving with our partner libraries in the Orbis Cascade Alliance from 37 stand-alone systems to one powerful, shared system. Now, through a single search box, Boxer Search, you will be able to search across a much broader array of content from our collections, including journal articles, our local collections and CommonKnowledge, along with regional and global resources.

Orbis Cascade Alliance is a consortium of academic libraries across Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.  We are working together to unlock  opportunities that will help us build our collections as a single collection, share services and resources with each other, and exploit new technologies.  This single shared library system is a hallmark of our innovative collaboration, which brought you Summit, our shared lending/borrowing system, a decade ago. Now, by moving from 37 library systems to one integrated system, we will improve the research experience for you – our students and faculty – and better manage and access the resources you need.

The Pacific University Libraries will be one of the very first libraries to implement this new system. Because this is a big migration from many systems to one, it will be 18 months before all 37 Alliance libraries are up and running. We are committed to providing you the same excellent services you have come to expect from us, including the delivery of Summit and ILL items, during this implementation period. We appreciate your patience and good humor as we move to this new, and improved, next generation system. This is an ambitious undertaking:  37 libraries to 1 – expanding our support for your research and discovery.  

Discover Boxer Search!

Posted by Stephanie Miller ( on Jun 12, 2013 at 8:56 AM

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