Residence Hall Construction Details

Construction zone boundaries, parking lot changes, truck traffic patterns and construction hours

Construction begins Oct. 1, 2013, on Pacific University’s newest residence hall on the Forest Grove Campus. Designed by Mahlum Architects and built by Walsh Construction, the new 200-bed residence hall is planned to open in time for the Fall Semester 2014. 

The following is important information for the Pacific University Forest Grove Campus community about the construction process and its impact. 

Construction Zone

Construction site set-up will begin Monday, Sept. 23, with fence panels closing off the parking lot north of Reynolds Field. Construction trailers will be installed in that parking lot on Tuesday, Sept. 24. A construction fence will be installed Thursday, Sept. 26, around the entire construction zone, which will include the parking lot north of Reynolds Field, the parking lot east of Clark Hall, and all of Reynolds Field. The fence will line the University Avenue sidewalk to the Holce Tennis Courts, down toward the parking lot driveway adjacent to Price Hall, over toward the University Center and up along the driveway that begins at Clark Hall.

Check out the Construction Zone Map.

Tennis Court Access

Accessibility to the Holce Tennis Courts will be limited to the southeast entrance near Cedar Street for the duration of the construction project.

Parking Lots

The parking lot north of Reynolds Field will house construction trailers for the duration of the project and will not be open to cars. The parking spaces south of Reynolds Field will be permanently removed and the lot will become part of the residence hall complex. Limited parking will be available north of the uncovered tennis courts.

Additional parking for university permit holders is now available at the entrance to Pacific University’s Cannery Field, on the east side of Cedar Street where it meets 23rd Place. The lot is now striped, and security cameras have been installed.

The reserved parking spaces adjacent to Price Hall will remain open during the construction project.

Truck Traffic Patterns and Construction Loading/Unloading

The north part of Reynolds Field will serve as the equipment and materials loading site. Large trucks transporting equipment and materials will approach the university from Sunset Drive, entering campus from University Avenue on the access driveway between Clark Hall and the construction zone. Trucks will load and unload materials at the north end of Reynolds Field and will exit the loading area onto University Avenue from the exit nearest the uncovered tennis courts. When leaving campus, trucks will either return on Sunset Drive or proceed south on Cedar Street.

The driveway between Clark Hall and the construction site will be temporarily expanded as it approaches the University Center loading area to allow delivery trucks to continue unimpeded. Three small trees will be removed to allow for the expansion. The driveway between Clark Hall and the University Center will be permanently closed in December.

The grass berm and stairways between the UC and Price Hall will be removed to allow utilities, including water mains and electrical wiring for the residence hall, to be installed there. Then, the area will be paved to create a truck turnaround to replace the driveway between Clark Hall and the University Center.

Construction Hours

Construction work will take place between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday starting Oct. 1. The residence hall is expected to open by late summer.


Questions about the construction process can be directed to Mark Ankeny, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs at or 503-352-2924; and Harold Roark, Director of Facilities and Safety Management, at or 503-352-3060.

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