Cooking at College Supply Drive

Help stock the residence halls with cooking supplies!

"Students for culinary independence!"

We are a group of civic engagement students at Pacific University who seek to bring other students choice, independence and convenience within their culinary lives and overall dietary consumption.

Many students at university do not cook for themselves. Also, some students, over time, become disinterested in the food offered by the school. Therefore, many students who are compelled to cook for themselves simply cannot due to either a lack of materials (pots, pans, blenders, etc) or lack of cooking skills. Our project exists to help change this discrepancy. 

The main goal of our project is the introduction of a kitchen appliance borrowing system, within the residence halls, that would help students actually cook in the community kitchen areas. We plan to gain these kitchen appliances and materials through an on-campus donation event in which people could donate functioning appliances and materials. 

Any and all kitchen supplies are welcomed and would be much appreciated. If you are interested in donating cooking materials for our supply drive please contact us using the following information:

Or by phone at: 503-724-9330

For more information on the progress of our project, please visit our webpage.


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