Writing Tutor Support needed

Work study eligible position available as a writing tutor.

The writing tutor will be responsible for setting up guidelines for submitting work for feedback (e.g. minimum amount of time needed before the student needs to hand in the work; the form the work should be in before submitting it for feedback) and receiving feedback on work (e.g., face-to-face, electronic).  In addition, this position is responsible for relaying tutoring services to all students by visiting classes, posting messages on the Wednesday Weekly, creating and distributing flyers, and encouraging faculty to direct students to ask for help when needed.  This position will also provide students with revision and editing suggestions related to the quality of their writting expression (not the content of their writing).  The tutor does not proofread or write students' papers; instead the tutor works with individual students to develop their own writing abilities.

Strong oral and written communication skills needed.

Expected hours per week: 5-10

Must be financial aid eligible.

To apply for this work study position, email letter of interest, including any experience in tutoring or teaching to Shelly Knight at sknight@pacificu.edu.


Posted by Shelly Knight (knig4814@pacificu.edu) on Oct 8, 2013 at 11:47 AM

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