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I had a former teaching colleague tell me about a great online math class she was taking through Stanford...no charge. I emailed the professor and received the following information. If you cringed at the phrase "math class," please take a look.

The professor sent this information : "I have a lot of requests for the course to run again and for the course videos to stay available. In the end over 40,000 people registered for the course.

In order to keep videos from the course available I have launched this new website: www.youcubed.org with the help of some friends!

On that site I will put up some of the course videos (2 are up now) and a wealth of other exciting things — advice for parents and teachers, news items, and one of my favorites — an insight into the math worked on by some of today's most innovative companies. We will be getting companies to donate math problems — ones that they actually work on. My intent in doing that is to help students and teachers see the multi-dimensional math that is in the world and that they need to be learning. We start with one that Google gave us — it turns out (no surprises here) that they had to think and talk in a group of people and use some school math(s) to make their search engine more effective — check it out! As the site develops we will put many more tasks and ideas up as well as more problems from industries. We will also provide space for you to contribute ideas and stay connected as a community. This is a site that you could encourage parents to join (if you are a teacher), as I know parents need help and advice on ways to help and support their children — and their children's teachers :)

Here is some news on the student course and re-release of the teacher course.

We plan to re-release the teacher course next May, 2014 and have it open until September 2014. I thought about re-releasing it earlier but realize that most teachers need the space provided by holiday / vacation (depending which country you are in!) time.

My plan for the student course is to release it at a similar time and also run it into the summer, so that some students can take it this school year and others over the summer, to help launch their next school year."

Posted by Shelley Smolnisky (smolniskys@pacificu.edu) on Oct 10, 2013 at 1:15 PM

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