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Pacific University New Website Development

A quick update on the Internet Strategy work, which is well underway. We recently finalized the top tier navigation and the entire site architecture. In addition, we just completed the initial creative, which sets the stage for the design for the entire website. To learn more about the creative, and to see the new design, visit our planning website. Internet Strategy Design First Look

Project Scope
If helpful. The scope of the Internet Strategy project is to create a new website built on Drupal, a Content Management System (CMS) with a strong design and improved navigation (site architecture). The externally facing site focuses on an external audience (prospective students and parents) and internal audiences (current students, faculty and staff). MyPacific, geared to our internal audiences, will use our existing technology, serving the information up through strengthened navigation specific to that audience. In addition, our new website will be mobile ready (responsive design). 

Next Steps
The creative process will continue, with design development for our sub-pages groupings. In addition, we are currently working on the technical specs with our website development partner BrandJuice. These steps will need to be completed prior to us building the website. 

Tammy Spencer
AVP of Marketing & Communications




Posted by Tammy Spencer ( on Oct 17, 2013 at 9:41 AM

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