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MarCom has created an Email Marketing One Sheeter that highlights eight important tips when using email marketing.

Email Marketing

Eight things to keep in mind when using email marketing.

1. Be recognizable | The goal of email marketing is to build trust with your audience so they will open and read your message. Use a consistent sender address to build that sense of trust. Send your email from a person, rather than from a corporate account. You also may consider using a signature line with contact information and including a picture to add a human element to your message.

2. Be personal | Make your email relevant to the reader. Personalize each communication with the recipient’s name. You may also want to personalize further by using demographic and behavioral data, the recipient’s company name and role at that company, their location, referencing pages on your website they have visited, and more.

3. Engage in the subject line | Subject lines should be relevant to your audience and address their interests and concerns. Add the reader’s name and/or company to the subject line, or include action language, such as “join us,” “get your free [item]” or “download.”

4. Compel your audience, quickly | It is critical to clearly convey your offer and show why it is valuable. Use brief, compelling and interesting language. Tell a story, use statistics to emphasize your point, and use direct language. Use short paragraphs or bullet points, visually breaking up the text, and be as brief as you can.

5. Use images | Your email should be visually compelling. Images are a great way to do that. Be sure that the image you use is relevant and matches your message. Make sure the image is interesting and compelling to your audience. Also, use the proper specs on your images to ensure that they are clear and easily viewed.

6. Invite action | Your ultimate goal is for the reader to take action and click through your email to your webpage. Select the one primary action you want the reader to take (“register online,”for example), then create a call to action. The call to action might be a button or a link early in the email (don’t make your reader scroll to find the action). It should stand out and be easy to identify. You may want to include multiple links and buttons throughout the email to give your readers more opportunities to respond to the call of action. Lastly, be sure that your call to action is action-oriented (“register” or “download”), urgent (“today” or “now”) and friendly “join us”).

7. Sign it | The signature line is another great place to build trust. A name and signature at the end of the email gives the reader human contact. Be sure to include reliable contact information so readers can reach out and build a relationship if they choose.

8. Measure your success | Use appropriate metrics to track the success of your email marketing campaign. Rates to keep an eye on are: delivery, bounce, list growth, click-through, sharing/ forwarding, conversation and revenue per email sent. Less reliable metrics include unsubscribe and open rates.

Tips from Sarah Goliger and Pamela Vaughan at HupSpot. For more information about email marketing or to see good examples of email marketing visit hubspot.

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