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As many of you know, there have been significant changes this fall at the B Street Living Museum. A new advisory board for B Street met this morning for the first time, we have recently hired a famer educator (David Knaus) in a brand new position there, and we are working on hiring for a facility support position in a restructure of the position previously held by Miguel Cervantes — a change that I know was upsetting to many on multiple levels. We will be releasing a newsletter with more thorough updates and direct communication about some of these issues about B Street in the near future, so please keep an eye out for that, as I think there are a lot of rumors and valid concerns floating around related to B Street that we need to address.

In the meantime, I wanted to let everyone know that until further notice, B Street will be open to visitors, including student volunteers, by appointment only while we work out these staff transitions. To schedule a visit, please email bstreet@pacificu.edu. As our farmer educator, David Knaus (dknaus@pacificu.edu) will also be available to assist you in arranging visits that work with his part-time schedule and/or our student worker team.

Please know that because B Street is now under the auspices of the Center for Civic Engagement, if you have questions or concerns I encourage you speak with me directly. We are working hard to move the B Street endeavor forward in a positive direction given some extremely challenging circumstances. 



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