Tuition Exchange Applications Deadline: Nov. 30

Tuition Exchange Applications for next academic year are due in to Human Resources no later than November 30, 2013.

Tuition Exchange Applications for next academic year are due in to Human Resources no later than November 30, 2013

For any employee whose college aged dependent child(ren) will be applying for tuition exchange for the 2014-2015 academic year, the application(s) must be received by Michele Quint in Human Resources  no later than November 30, 2013.

You will find the Tuition Exchange Application online at

You may find a listing of the participating schools by visiting

Once  of the applications entered into the tuition exchange system, Michele will send you a confirmation of that. If you have sent in your form and do not get a notification by the end of November, please contact her by email at

New this year:

If your child is currently on a tuition remission scholarship, please contact Michele by email (, and indicate whether they will be continuing next academic year. Please include the name of the child, the school they are attending and what year they are in their program.

Please read:  Remember that there is a distinction between Tuition Exchange and Tuition Remission.

The following is Pacific University’s tuition exchange policy:

I.20       Tuition Exchanges

The University participates in a tuition exchange program to provide the dependent children of regular, benefit eligible faculty and staff the opportunity to apply for college scholarships at institutions other than Pacific University. Opportunities under this program are subject to balances within the exchange and are subject to a restricted selection method based on seniority. Pacific University does not guarantee a participant will receive a TE Scholarship even if admitted to the exchange institution. Participation is subject to the specific program rules and admission requirements of the host institution. Only benefit eligible faculty and staff that have completed one year of continuous employment as a benefited employee are eligible to apply for participation in the exchange programs. To qualify as a "dependent" under this policy the individual must be a child of the employee (biological, adopted, or step child) and the employee must contribute at least one-half of the child's support. In the case of divorced employees, either the employee or the employee's former spouse must contribute at least one-half of their child's support. A copy of the appropriate tax return page showing that the child was included as a dependent should be attached to the tuition exchange form as documentation of dependency.  Further information about the tuition exchange program is available from Human Resources and on the following web site:

The Tuition Remission Policy can be found at:

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