College of Education Awarded TeachOregon Grant

Pacific COE becomes part of $699,000 TeachOregon consortium grant

What is TeachOregon?

TeachOregon is a Chalkboard Project initiative funded by Oregon’s leading philanthropic foundations that gives school districts and universities the opportunity to design innovative models to prepare the next generation of effective Oregon teachers and ultimately increase student achievement.

Why do we need new models of teacher preparation?

By 2020, Oregon schools will need to hire 16,400 teachers, a full third of the teacher work force. Only 8 percent of Oregon’s teachers are of minority populations, while 34 percent of students are of minority populations. TeachOregon school districts, community colleges and universities address these challenges through close collaboration and strategies that create an effective and diverse group of teachers with a special emphasis on targeting underrepresented populations.

Why was Pacific University selected?

Pacific's work in Woodburn has grown to encompass the following components, supported by the TeachOregon grant:

For more information about Pacific's TeachOregon grant, contact Kevin Carr,

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