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Our recent cold snap has had me recalling my last eastern Washington winter. In particular I've been thinking about the cold, snowy day when I got my Pacific University acceptance letter. Among other things the letter was a ticket to warmer weather!

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a Boxer fan now, but even back then I was enamored with this place. Pacific is the only school to which I applied.

I grew up in a place where going to college is not the norm, so it is no surprise that I’d never heard of Pacific – at the time I only knew about a handful of universities referenced in popular culture and sports. This was long before the days when people had internet access perpetually glued to their hands. I learned about Pacific from a book.

When I came across Pacific’s listing in the college guide I knew instantly it was the right place for me. And I was right.

I’ll be heading back to my hometown for a vacation sometime in 2014 and I hope to do something I’ve intended to do for ages – promote Pacific at my high school alma mater.

My goal is to get a chance to meet a few young people and talk with them about going to college and encourage them to consider Pacific University. I’ll let them know if they do apply to Pacific, I can waive their application fee. I hope to leave behind a poster and material about Pacific. Hopefully I’ll manage to convince some of these students to apply and once they’re accepted I’ll send them a note of congratulations.

You are invited to do this too.

This year the deadline for admission for undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences applicants is January 15. All alumni can help encourage young people to consider calling Forest Grove home for the next four years. Here are three things anyone can do:

I had a great time as a Pacific student. I got to experience things I would not have gotten to see and do otherwise. My college education means the world to me. I love this place, but my own experiences are not my motivation for supporting Pacific as ardently as I do.

I support Pacific because I want every young person to have the chance to go college. Although my work does not always take me directly into the path of prospective students, I’m sure excited when it happens. I hope you are too.

I hope to see your name on an application fee waiver this year. In the meantime, I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. As always, keep in touch!


Martha Calus-McLain ‘03
Director of Alumni Relations

Although the specifics I referenced above apply to undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences applicants, alumni can support the admissions process in every one of Pacific’s colleges and schools. If you’re interested, please contact me to learn more.

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