Jennifer Camp Presents in (A)merging 2014 at Northwest Dance Project

Photo by Chris Peddecord

(A)merging is hosted by Lindy Matheis and Northwest Dance Project. The new year brings the second installment of (a)merging, a dance festival that presents many budding and up-and-coming choreographers.

This brand-new glorious year brings the second installment of (a)merging, a dance festival that presents as many budding and up-and-coming choreographers as possible (14 this time around). These Oregon-based artists are provided with two months of rehearsal space to create and then are presented in the Northwest Dance Project Studio Theater. With seven artists’ work shown each weekend, the works are each a shorter component of a diverse and palatable tasting flight. In addition, both programs emphasize the eclectic diversity of work being made in the city, giving both beginning and seasoned viewers a chance to be introduced to new voices.

Program Sol, Jan. 17-19, is the sunrise to the festival, featuring choreography by Sara Himmelman, Megan McCarthy & Patrick Kilbane (NWDP), Briley Neugebauer (Polaris), Sara Parker, Kate Rafter, and SubRosa Dance Collective.

Program Nox, Jan 24-26, serves as the sunset to the program featuring choreography by Jennifer Camp, Cat Egan, Sam Hobbs (BV-2), Free Body Project, Katie Scherman, Emily Schultz (Portland Festival Ballet), and a special guest. 

Tickets are $15 in advance; $20 at the door. Refreshments will be available. ADVANCED PURCHASES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AS THERE IS LIMITED SEATING.

Visit for tickets and more information. 



                  of emerging dance voices 

                Presented by Lindsey Matheis

                 @ Northwest Dance Project's

                 Studio + Performance Center

                             January 2014

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