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Update Our Web Content in January

Later this month the Office of Marketing & Communication will take delivery of our new Pacific University website, in the form of our initial custom Drupal build out. At that time we will begin rebuilding the entire website based on the work that has been accomplished over the past year in partnership with BrandJuice and the Pacific community. This includes the top tier navigation (home page), wireframes (how our content is organized) and the creative (design).

We are excited to take this next step and want to make you aware of planning processes that will impact web editing, current web editors throughout the Pacific community and overall marketing and communications.

Updating the Current Website
During the first half of 2014 we will have both a live website and a new web site being built. Prior to the end of January is a great time for our web editors throughout the university to make website updates. Once we begin building the news site, using content from our new site (while also reviewing, updating and creating new content) web edits on the live website will need to be tracked, with updates to the new website being built occurring prior to or around the launch of the new website. This will be done by web editors throughout the Pacific community. This can be a tedious process and so we want to encourage updates prior to the end of January. In addition, non critical webpage updates that can be completed after the launch of the new website are encouraged. That can be challenging, however we will provide tools to support this process, so more to come.

The Office of Marketing & Communications 
The entire department will be involved in the build out of our new website. As I have mentioned before, this is not business as usual, and is an all hands on deck process. As a result, our ability to meet the growing marketing and communications needs of the Pacific community will be impacted. Please be aware that our web focus beyond the new website will only be on new programs and fixing anything that is broken (on our current website). In addition, if we have marketing projects in our plan for your area, your assistance in getting information to us on schedules will be most helpful. As needed we will tap into external resources to support the most mission critical needs of the organization as well as other tools, including templates. 

Our Commitment
We are not closing shop during the build out of our new website, however our focus will be on our new site. We appreciate your support and patience during the build out. For more information about our website development, check out Internet Strategy.

Project Scope
If helpful. The scope of the Internet Strategy project is to create a new website built on Drupal, a Content Management System (CMS) with a strong design and improved navigation (site architecture). The externally facing site focuses on an external audience (prospective students and parents) and internal audiences (current students, faculty and staff). MyPacific, geared to our internal audiences, will use our existing technology, serving the information up through strengthened navigation specific to that audience. In addition, our new website will be mobile ready (responsive design). 

Next Steps
We will be connecting with schools, colleges, centers and departments as we get started on the website build out. We look forward to reviewing web content from your area with you and rebuilding in our new website. 

Continued Communication
If this information would be of interest to members of your team, please share this communication with them. I encourage you to share this with your web editors, other individuals who make decisions about web content and anyone who works with marketing and communications. 

If I can answer any questions, please let me know how I can assist. We will continue to send periodical updates via email, PUNN and BoxerBriefs and will continue to ask for feedback on the work-in-progress.
Much appreciated,
Tammy Spencer



Posted by Tammy Spencer ( on Jan 8, 2014 at 4:01 PM

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