ORA Student Roundtables

The annual literacy conference for preservice and beginning teachers, sponsored by the Oregon Reading Association will be held on Saturday, March 8 from 9am-3pm at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Portland.


A traditional feature of this conference is the roundtable presentations by preservice and beginning teachers on some aspect of literacy education. The presentation topic can be any aspect of the teaching of reading or writing, including its integration with the content areas, addressing the Common Core, critical literacy, with second language learners, the use of new media, literacy as cultural practice, the teaching of vocabulary, etc. Presenters will present to small groups of preservice and beginning teachers. This is a great opportunity for professional development, so we encourage preservice and beginning teachers consider submitting a proposal.
Presenters will be grouped with other presenters and will have approximately 30 minutes to present on their topic including audience discussion. Presentations can vary in approach: interactive or non-interactive, use of technology, role-play of strategies, discussion or some combination of approaches. Presenters can present individually or in small groups. The goal of the roundtable presentation is to teach the audience about the topic.
If you are interested, and we hope you are, respond to the following proposal requirements in a word document and email it to Mindy Legard Larson at milarson@linfield.edu by February 14.

A committee will review each proposal. Email notification of the status of your proposal will be sent by February 28, 2014. If you intend to use technology, you will need to supply your own equipment. All presenters must register for the conference. Presenters should bring 10 copies of their one-page handout summarizing the information in their presentation.


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