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ACE Board, in concert with the Student Senate and Student Activities & Multicultural Interests, seeks candidates for four chair positions for next year. Applications are due at noon, Monday, March 17, 2014.

ACE Board's four chairs lead ACE Board in its objective to develop and support large-scale activites that engage the student body, including touring performers, live concerts, dances, moves, artistic and cultural events, and lively discussions.

The ACE Board Chair is the overall student leader of ACE Board and should be comfortable and experienced with planning large events requiring multiple resources. The Chair facilitates weekly ACE Board meetings, provides support and communicates with fellow ACE Board members. The Chair must guide the planning and execution of concerts, dances, and other events with attention to University policies and procedures.

The Cultural Events Chair focuses on the development and support of events that promote cultural appreciation, nurture understanding of diverse cultural perspectives, and encourage cross-cultural dialogue. The Cultural Events Chair participates in weekly ACE Board meetings and leads a separate cultural events committee. The Cultural Events Chair should be experienced planning events and be dedicated to promoting a variety of events.

The Production Chair coordinates the sound and lighting aspects of ACE Board productions and manages an expansive, Student Senate-owned inventory of sound, lighting, and other event equipment. The Production Chair must have prior experience operating required sound equipment, must be able to lead a production set-up and take-down crew, and works with professional musicians.

The Marketing Coordinator promotes ACE Board, Student Activities & Multicultural Interests, and their related events with various media, social, and event-based marketing. The Marketing Chair must have prior experience developing promotions using different media: print, online, or social. Interest and ability to write well, work regularly and timely, and follow University and industry standards for writing and publications are just as important as creativity.

To apply:
E-mail to by noon, Monday, March 17, answers to the following questions. Please keep your answers under two pages.

  1. What position(s) are you applying for and what excites you about it?
  2. What goals— for the benefit of other students— would you want to achieve in that position and what experience do you have to achieve those goals?
  3. Describe a time that you communicated in a manner that did ONE of the following: built a feeling of team; inspired others to help or work harder; avoided confusion and facilitated organization; reduced frustration or hostility; or, helped others learn something quickly or easily.
  4. Top candidates will be interviewed by a committee during the week before Spring Break. What times during the week of March 17 are you available for an interview?

Full job descriptions for these paid positions are available at: Candidates are strongly encouraged to review the descriptions prior to an interview, if not earlier.

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