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Quick update on our new website, which we are launching this year. Beginning today, and over the next few weeks, there will be multiple sneak peeks of the new site, albeit work-in-progress. We are excited to share the website with the Pacific community, as the new website represents a significant positive step forward and is representative of a collaborative Pacific community project. Sneak Peek

The link above as well as screen shots will be shared through multiple channels with the Pacific community, which will include our students, faculty, alumni and staff. Of course, the site we are building is based on many, many months of collaborative work with the Pacific community and we have discussed, shared and shown the site in many stages throughout the process. This has included our top tier navigation, our full site wireframes and our creative (which was unveiled last December). 

Continued Communication
If this information would be of interest to members of your team, please share this communication with them. I encourage you to share this with your web editors, other individuals who make decisions about web content and anyone who works with marketing and communications. 

If I can answer any questions, please let me know how I can assist. We will continue to send periodical updates via email, PUNN, Boxer Briefs and Boxer Briefs Professional and will continue to ask for feedback on the work-in-progress.




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