New Website Update

August Launch

As part of our ongoing communication, we want to update the Pacific community on the progress being made on our new website. 

Web Editors
Prior to launch, training will be provided for current web editors throughout the university, and there are 160 individuals with web editing access to our website. We have asked VPs, Deans, Directors and Department heads to review the web editor list and make changes as needed. 

Web Editor Training
Training will be scheduled over the summer and more information will be provided in July. We are planning both initial and ongoing training and will begin the training with current web editors.

Managing our Content | Updates
Content migration from our current site to our new site began late January. Web editors were asked to track any changes made on our live site, so that each editor could make updates on the new site prior to or around launch. It will be important to update that content and this will be managed in each area. The launch of our new website provides a great opportunity to really strengthen how we manage our website content to improve the experience of our website visitors. 

Faculty Webpages and Photos
We have group faculty pages (departments, schools and colleges) as well as individual faculty pages. Many of our faculty have photos on our webpages and many do not. We have encouraged each area to request headshots from faculty that web editors can add to faculty pages on the new site. Good quality photos can often be taken using mobile devices.

Beta | User Testing
There will be some opportunities to review content more broadly in some areas, resources permitting. Also, we have been sharing content, receiving and reviewing content over the last few months. 

Continued Communication
If we can answer any questions, please let us know how we can assist. We will continue to provide periodical updates.


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