Free HPV Vaccine at the Student Health Center

The Student Health Center has received FREE HPV vaccine from the State of Oregon for a limited time (until March 20). The vaccine is available to Pacific women under age 27. Please call 503-352-2269 for appointment. There is a $15 administration fee.

HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that can lead to cervical cancer in women.  The vaccine, which usually costs more than $170 per injection, is given in a 3 injection series and can protect against four strains of HPV that could lead to cervical cancer.

If you are a female Pacific student, between the ages of 19 through 26 years of age, you may receive free vaccine by calling for an appointment at the Student Health Center (503-352-2269).  Available while supplies last or until March 20, 2013. There is a $15 administration fee assessed at time of visit.

Posted by Kathryn Eisenbarth ( on Sep 21, 2010 at 4:50 PM

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