Safety After Dark

University community members are advised to take precautions to ensure personal safety at night.


Recent criminal activity in the surrounding Forest Grove community has raised the awareness of dangers that may exist to the University community members traveling across campus or in adjacent neighborhoods in periods of darkness.
Campus Public Safety offers the following tips to help ensure your safety both on and off campus:
1)   PLAN YOUR TRIP – Whenever you will be walking on campus at night, dress in clothes and shoes which will not hamper movement.  Always be alert and aware of your surroundings.  Plan your route for safety, using well lit routes as much as possible.  Let a friend know where you’re headed or when you’ll be back.  

2)   SAFETY IN NUMBERS – Never walk or hang out alone.  Always join with a partner or a group of people, especially after dark.
3)   ESCORTS – if you can’t find a partner, CPS can provide you with an escort to your destination.  Simply call 503-352-2230 and an officer will come to your location and escort you safely to your bus stop, vehicle, residence hall or other campus location.
4)   LISTEN UP! – Wearing ear-phones or talking on your cell phone while walking across campus, may reduce your awareness of things or persons around you.  Drop the cell phone, turn off the iPod and enjoy your walk while listening to what is around you!
5)   MAKE SOME NOISE! – Always carry a whistle or other sound making device.  If you sense danger or find yourself in trouble you can yell, scream and use your noise maker to signal for help.

6)   LOOK, SEE, MOVE – If you sense danger, quickly move away from the threat; cross the street if possible, increase your pace, join a group of people nearby if you can or find an area where you can secure yourself and call for help.

7)   CALL US – Emergency phones are located across campus and are marked with blue lights. These connect directly to on-duty CPS officers.  Have the CPS number (503-352-2230) programmed in your cell phone, or if necessary, call 9-1-1 to summon help.

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