Jeff Pelson '00, O.D. '02 and Karissa (Matthews) Pelson '00, PT '02

It all started in Physics class & Jeff was a new transfer student in his junior year and I was a sophomore.

I came walking in right on time with a bagel in one hand and a water in the other. I caught Jeff’s eyes, and it didn’t take him long to ask his roommate who I was and my name. Unfortunately, as his roommate told him, I was dating someone at the time and his roommate even mistook my name for Christian (my Spanish name).

It wasn’t long unil I got wind that Jeff was interested. Even though he was clearly smart, I used to bump into him in the physics study sessions. I think my first words I ever spoke to him were “Wow that’s a big calculator!” he quickly explained that it had been a requirement for calculus. Soon he was also asking me to play water polo, to which I always replied, “No thank you.” Boy was he persistent.

Well, when things started to fall apart in my relationship, I soon found myself in a predicament. Too exhausted from crying, I knew there was no way I was going to figure out my physics homework. My friend, Shawna, urged me to call up Jeff, but I was hesitant, not wanting to lead him on. Soon, however, I dialed him up. His enthusiasm on the phone when he heard my voice was adorable and I remember thinking to myself after he helped me out, “he is so nice, why isn’t he with someone?” Soon I would come home to voice messages from Jeff asking me to help him with physics and we started studying. And the real clincher for Jeff was when I finally said “yes” when he asked me to play water polo.

One day he sent me an email asking if I was okay to which I replied, “No I’m not, can I come over and talk?” I had finally broken up with my boyfriend for good. His smile was so cute as he said, “I’m Sorry” (we both knew he wasn’t in the least sorry!) That night we went out for first date to the Spaghetti Factory in Portland, and we have together ever since! He proposed nine months after we had been dating and we celebrated out 7th anniversary December 18 2006!

Posted by Martha Calus-Mclain ( on Jan 31, 2011 at 2:00 PM

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