Stacey (Barnes) Mendes '00, MAT '01 and Joe Mendes, PA '02

I met my husband during my graduate year.

My roommate and I both completed undergraduate degrees from Pacific and were continuing straight through into our masters’ programs starting in the summer. Amanda (Clark) Smith ’00 was my roommate and close friend, and was in the Physician Assistant program while I was getting my MAT in Early Childhood/Elementary Education.

During the early days of Amanda's program there were many get-to-know you BBQ's and other “get social” events. Amanda asked me to come with her to a BBQ and that is the first night I met and talked with my now husband, Joe Mendes, PA ’02. We had a great conversation but I didn't think anything of it really.

Then Amanda decided to have a 4th of July retreat for her classmates at her beach house in Waldport, Ore. She invited me to go along with her so I did. The extended time away from school to really talk with Joe was when our true connection was made. We've been connected at the hip ever since! Now eight years later we have moved across the country and have been married for three wonderful years so far!

Posted by Martha Calus-Mclain ( on Jan 31, 2011 at 2:01 PM

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