Jeremy Norris '97 and Stephanie Pisias '97

We met our senior year, 1996-97, during the orientation program for freshman.

Jeremy was a Hal Coordinator and Stephanie was an Orientation Volunteer. We had seen each other around and shared mutual friends for three years but never met.

Out in front of the UC one of the first days back, our friend Reed Scott-Schwalbach '98 introduced us. Stephanie had spent her junior year in Freiburg, Germany on study abroad, and was just returning to the Grove. I hugged Stephanie to welcome her back.

A day later we were calling each other from the McCormick Hall to Vandervelden 310 We had both sworn to remain single during our senior year, but we became certain about each other during the holidays that year. We shared interest in outdoors, old Volkswagens, and travel, among other things.

We were engaged New Years Eve of 1998, on the Oregon Coast at the Sylvia Beach hotel.

We were married September 18, 1999.

We had our son Caston Van, on January 11, 2006.

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