Casey White '94 and Jennifer D. Hadley-White '96

I knew who Casey White '94 was before I met him.

My freshman year he and his friend, Brian Wade ’97, were often eating in the UC when my friends and I were there and they were hard to miss with long hair, long goatees and muscles. In fact, if not for those muscles we may not have noticed them as much. But don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t that I was attracted to Casey’s muscles; it was that those strong legs literally moved the Earth for me.

He and Brian had a compulsive need to shake their legs and that force seriously shook the floor of the UC. My friends and I first noticed the water in our glasses moving. Then we realized we could feel a vibration. It took us weeks of trial and error before we realized it was “those two guys.”

In my sophomore year Casey and I were introduced by Liz Edwards ’96, my old roommate and his co-RA in Clark where I lived. Soon we were dating and three days after I graduated, we were married in Old College Hall and held our reception in the Milky Way.

We recently visited from Texas and stopped by campus the day after our son’s first birthday. It meant a lot to us to take Jonah to all the places on campus that meant something to us and we look forward to returning with him as he gets older. Casey and I celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary this May after over 14 years of being together.

Posted by Martha Calus-Mclain ( on Jan 31, 2011 at 2:11 PM

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