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Office of Alumni Relations Communications Intern Stephanie Haugen answers questions about Pacific University.

What is your favorite thing about Pacific University?
I like the professors and their dedication to their students. I also love Marsh Hall; I wish there were more old, brick buildings like that.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the Pacific community?
I enjoy being able to participate in a lot of different activities, recognizing people as I walk around campus and knowing that I’m attending an institution that demands excellence.

Why do you think Pacific is a high-quality place for students to attend? What do you think sets Pacific apart from other Universities?
I think the professors push their students to do the best work they can and reach their potential.

What is one thing you would change about the University if you had the power to do so?
I wish there were more events a lot of students went to.

What do you admire most about the University?
The faculty.

What is your fondest memory from your time at Pacific?
Sorority activities.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I’m usually studying. When I have free time, though, I like to watch movies, ride horses, and spend time with my family and friends. As long as I am with my family or closest friends it doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’m happy.

What do you think is the most important quality in a person?
The ability to be considerate of other people.

What is/are your favorite phrase/words of wisdom?
Time doesn't heal anything. It's what you do with that time.

What is something you have always wanted to do?
Take a road trip

What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?
Took off to visit one of my best friends at her school with little planning.

If you could have dinner with anybody who would it be?
My grandma

If you could be born in a different time period, what would it be?
The 1950s because of the fashion, Elvis, the films and the important social changes that occurred throughout the decade.

What is one skill you don’t have but wish you did?
I wish I was naturally gifted in music. I also wish it was easier for me to take risks.

Posted by Stephanie Haugen ( on Mar 2, 2011 at 8:57 AM

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