Wheels With No Strings Attached

Zipcar is coming to Pacific's Forest Grove Campus this spring.

This Spring, Zipcar is coming to campus for all Pacific University students (18+), faculty and staff.

Zipcar is car-sharing, an alternative to bringing a car to school, that gives members 24/7 access to vehicles parked right on campus.

Low hourly and daily rates include gas, insurance, and 180 miles per day to go wherever you want to go.

Members can reserve cars online or with a smart phone for as little as an hour or up to four days.

Next semester, enjoy all the freedom of owning car without any of the hassle.

Find out more about how it works at zipcar.com/pacificu or find us on facebook.

Posted by Joe Lang (jlang@pacificu.edu) on Dec 18, 2012 at 2:28 PM

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