Alumni Valentine

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Emma (Dessauer) Gray '95 and Steven Gray '94

Steven and Emma met during freshman orientation week on the debate team and also had a Japanese class together during their first semester at Pacific.

A Perfect Story

"And that's it," said Melanie humbly as she stood up, eager to meet her business partner at the wholesale flower market.

Marvelyn (Davison) Hess '64 and M. Dan Hess '54

Dan and I would have been married 58 years on December 27, 2011. He died December 11, 2011. I am going to claim all of those 58 years.

Caleb Werner '12, PT '15 and Kasey (Fisher) Werner '13

Caleb and I met the day before school started freshman year at Pacific during the Fall of 2009.

Morgan Leach, O.D. '87 & Mindy Sterner Leach, O.D. '89

"Hey, there you are," Morgan said as if he had been looking for Mindy all night.

Rosemary (Joubert) Bump '60 and Forrest Bump '42

The most significant result of my having matriculated at Pacific university is that of having met and married the woman who became, and still is, my wife: Rosemary Joubert. She is my first and only love; my first and only wife.

Al Ross '55 and Caroline (Seay) Ross '56

Boxers share their story on how they found love under the oaks.

Martha Calus-McLain '03 and Kyle McLain '10

Martha and Kyle met on a blind date during her senior year and have been together ever since.

Jonathan King '94 and Shirley (Norris) King '94

Jonathan and Shirley met at freshman orientation when they were in the same group. Coincidentally, they lived in the same dorm and now are happily married.

Casey White '94 and Jennifer D. Hadley-White '96

I knew who Casey White '94 was before I met him.

Jeremy Norris '97 and Stephanie Pisias '97

We met our senior year, 1996-97, during the orientation program for freshman.

Noel Webster '97 and Christy (Pugh) Webster '97

Noel and Christy met each other one year at a Halloween party.

Elie Harriett '98 and Janet (Styffe) Harriett '00

The upcoming fall semester will mark ten years since we met as work-study students in the Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center's control room.

Kim (Bernard) Jacky '99 and Chris Jacky '99

Our love story started on the soccer field where Chris and I both played soccer for the Boxers.

Stacey (Barnes) Mendes '00, MAT '01 and Joe Mendes, PA '02

I met my husband during my graduate year.

Russ Meuff '03 and Ryanne Pilgeram '03

Russ and Ryanne met her first day on campus in fall of 1999. They lived a few doors apart in Walter Hall.

Stacy (Amano) Eyton '04 and Steve Eyton '04

Steven and I first met at the infamous Alpha Zeta Anti-Valentine's Day dance in 2001.

Nathan Labunski '05 and Lindy (Morgan) Labunski, '06

The first time I met my husband, Nathan Labunski '05, was at a Pacific Christian Fellowship barbeque in Trombley Square at the beginning of my junior year (his senior year).

Kelsey (Pierson) LeCrone '07 and Jeremy LeCrone '05

I met my long-time boyfriend, Jeremy LeCrone '05 during a freshman orientation ice-breaker.

Jessica (Dunkin) Hamlet '08 and Tim Hamlet '09

I met Tim Hamlet '09 in a class in 2005. Three years later, we were engaged. We married in April 2009.

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