OptomCAS Universal Application Update

Starting on July 15, 2009, applicants for optometric study in the United States and Puerto Rico began using a centralized application service, OptomCAS. By utilizing a centralized application service, prospective students will file one application that can be sent to multiple schools and colleges of optometry. The Admissions Team at Pacific University is pleased to be a participant OptomCAS school as we strive to make the application process more efficient and convenient for you. More information can be found at www.optomcas.org.

Please note that Pacific University College of Optometry will also require a short supplemental application in addition to the universal OptomCAS application.

Your application for admission to Pacific University College of Optometry will not be complete until we receive both the OptomCAS application, your OAT scores, and your Pacific University Supplemental Application.

But why does Pacific require a supplemental application?

Pacific requires a supplemental application because, although the universal OptomCAS application will collect much of the data we need (letters of recommendation, transcripts, contact information), the Admissions Committee at Pacific University greatly values supplemental information that tells us more about you and your motivation for becoming an optometrist. Additional essay questions and other personal information allow us to delve deeper into who you are as an individual. It also allows us to understand your academic profile in the context of your life; for example, a 3.5 GPA of one applicant, who is working, taking 21 credits, and President of the Pre-Optometry club, is not the same as an applicant with a 3.5 GPA who has no other responsibilities.  Since Pacific University does not automatically invite any applicant to interview or deny any applicant based solely on an academic profile, we use this additional information to determine your potential fit with our program.

Although this supplemental application will require additional effort by the applicant, we feel strongly that it is what contributes to the overall strength of our program, filled with students that excel not only academically, but in other areas as well, creating what we believe are the most patient-centered, passionate, and well-rounded doctors in the country.

If you would like more information about our admissions philosophy, please call or email your Admissions Counselor.

What additional information is required in the supplemental application?

Pacific's College of Optometry Supplemental Application will be available July 1, 2013



The following elements are required pieces of the Supplemental Application: 

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