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Since the College of Optometry became a part of Pacific University in 1945, over 3900 doctors of optometry have completed the program.  Many who have gone through the program have established life-long friendships and professional contacts.  We encourage you to stay in touch with those friends and colleagues.  We’re always available to help with planning reunions getting information out to your class.


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The "Pacific Focus" is a publication for alumni and friends of the College of Optometry.  It features stories about alumni and students, as well as news about the College.  CLICK HERE to see the latest issue.


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Alumni Fee Waiver
Each year, PUCO receives over 450 applications for admission. Many of those applicants apply to Pacific University because of the wonderful experiences they have had being mentored by our alumni. If you currently work with or know a prospective optometry school applicant, please consider sponsoring them with our "Alumni Fee Waiver" program.

The Alumni Fee Waiver is designed to involve you in our admissions process, encouraging those students you know to consider PUCO for their optometry studies. Each PUCO applicant must pay a $25 application fee with their required Supplemental Application. As a PUCO alumnus, you can "sponsor" an applicant, thereby waiving the application fee. Simply provide the student with your name, business or mailing address, email address, and year of PUCO graduation. The applicant wil enter and submit this information with his or her online application and the $25 fee requirement is waived. You are not responsible for paying the fee yourself.

Thank you for encouraging excellent applicants to apply to Pacific!

Help a future Optometry Student
All applicants to PUCO are required to complete a minimum of 30 hours of unpaid observation before submitting an application.  Many of our applicants are interested in doing this observation with PUCO alums, in order to gain more knowledge about our programs and graduates.  If you would be interested in having prospective applicants in your area referred to you for this required observation, or simply contact you as a resource, please contact Andrea Lybarger, (503) 352-3145


You can help the College!

Sadie Williams, Director of Advancement

I am delighted to look back at a successful past filled with traditions of innovations and service in Optometry. I look forward to a future of limitless opportunity for our faculty and students and their potential achievements.

One of these cutting-edge opportunities we are very proud to announce is the launch of InSight 2010, a program that aims to introduce underrepresented minority students to the world of optometry. We will educate undergraduate minority pre-health students about the medical profession through a three-day, in-residence experience on Pacific University’s Forest Grove campus. The offering will be filled with workshops, information sessions, case conferences and social events that prepare students to competitively complete the pre-health curriculum and be a strong applicant to the graduate health program of their choice.

Not only is InSight a unique summer program that promotes Optometry and encourages a more diverse population, but it highlights how philanthropic support to the College of Optometry creates opportunities that positively impact our future. InSight was established through a generous gift from the estate of a College of Optometry alumnus. This endowed fund is an investment that will forever benefit the College. Throughout the College’s 60-year history, alumni have provided pivotal resources for faculty and students in the form of facility upgrades, curriculum offerings and more. With the dawning of the new decade, your support of the College is crucial to our students and your future colleagues.

This year, I hope you will make a gift to benefit the College of Optometry. The Charles Trombley Society was introduced to our alumni and friends to support our students with gifts of $1,000 or greater. Charlie Trombley spent his career nurturing students as they entered their professional lives following graduation. In that spirit, I invite you to support the College of Optometry by becoming a Trombley Society member today. All gifts will benefit the College of Optometry and help your future Optometric Physicians in their professional education.

Charles Trombley Society

For more information about supporting the College of Optometry please contact Sadie Williams, Director of Advancement College of Optometry, 503-352-2205.