College of Optometry Continuing Education


The Advanced Ocular Therapeutics (AOT) course is a 23-hour certificate course on systemic and injectible medications used in eye care. This course currently meets the didactic requirements for optometrists in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.  After viewing all 18 segments of the course, the doctor will take a written exam over the course materials. This exam will be administered through an approved proctor site (state board offices, university, or at Pacific University College of Optometry).

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Advanced Ocular Therapeutics Courses

  1. Systemic Therapy & Prescription Writing

  2. Concurrent Medications, Drug Interactions, Adverse Reactions

  3. Treatment of Periocular Lesions

  4. Judicious Prescribing

  5. Systemic Management of Nausea - Antiemetics

  6. Systemic Management of Dry Eye

  7. Systemic Management of Glaucoma

  8. Systemic Management of Ocular Inflammation, Allergy, Pain & Anxiety

  9. Antivirals & Antifungals Part I

  10. Antivirals & Antifungals Part II

  11. Anaphylaxis

  12. Ocular Trauma and Ocular Emergencies

  13. Street Drugs

  14. Systemic Management of Infection

  15. Injectable Pharmaceuticals in Eye Care

  16. Prescribing in Pregnancy & Lactation

  17. Essential Systemics

  18. Alaska, Oregon and Washington Law


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