Continuing Education - Archived Courses

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Please note that the courses on this page have expired COPE numbers and, therefore, cannot be applied toward your continuing education requirements.


A Review of Low Vision Rehabilition


Acquired Macular Diseases: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Management


Aging Eye: Prevention, Management, and Remediation of Age-Related Diseases


Aging Eye: Problems that Affect Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity


Amblyopia treatment Studies Update


An Update on Methods for Assessing Intaocular Pressure


Aniseikonia Demystified


Application of Topical, Injection, and Oral Corticosteroids in Ocular Disease Management


Assessment and Management of Neurological Unilateral Spatial Inattention/Neglect Syndrome


Asymptomatic Hollenhorst Plaque and Microaneurysm


Causes, Consequences and Treatment of Anisometropia


Clinical Genetic Testing for ODs


Connective Tissue Disorders in Primary Eye Care     


Corneal Ectasias and Collagen Cross-Linking


Ethical Considerations for Health Care Providers


Etiology, Diagnosis and Management of Keratoconus: New Thoughts and New Understandings


Fundamentals of Genetics for ODs


Fundamentals of Gonioscopy


Gene Therapy and Exudative Age Related Macular Degeneration


Genetic Syndromes in Primary Care Optometry     


Laboratory Testing for Optometry


Management of Ocular Allergies


Metabolic Disorders and Primary Eye Care     


Neuro-Ophthalmic Examination Techniques


Neurologic Examination

Ocular Consequences of Neurocutaneous Disorders



Optometric Management of Craniofacial Disorders


Oral Medications for Ocular Complications


Ocular Therapeutics News & Views


Pharmaceutical, Laser and Surgical Treatments for Glaucoma: An Update


Pigmented Lesions on the Lid/Conjuctiva and Vasovagal Syncope


Primary Care Ocular Trauma Management


Protecting Patients from Ultraviolet Radiation


Pupil Anomalies: Reactions and Red Flags


Review of Antibacterial Drugs Used for Treatment of Ocular Infections


Review of Management Strategies for the Diplopia Patient


Review of Optometric Laws and Regulations for the State of Oregon


See Sick Syndrome

Manual for Neuro-Optometric Vestibular Dysfunction


Shedding Light on TORCH Diseases

Sports Vision


Systemic Management of Ocular Inflammation, Allergy & Pain


The Use of Anesthetics, Steroids, Non-Steroidals, and Central-Acting Analgesics in the Management of Ocular Pain


Three Unhappy Pediatric Syndromes


Topical Therapeutics for the Pediatric Patient


What Every Optometrist Should Know About the Aging Eye


What Every Optometrist Should Know About Sleep Apnea