O.D. Pacific University, 1999
M.Ed. Pacific University, 1999
Residency in Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation,

State University of New York, 2000

Dr. James Kundart

Dr. Kundart has been an assistant professor since 2005. He serves as the instructor for the Visual Perception course and is the co-instructor for the physiological optics courses. In addition, he teaches an elective course on nutritional optometry.  Dr. Kundart was in private practice for five years in Easton, Pennsylvania where he specialized in primary care and low vision for the working poor and special needs children. Dr. Kundart is a Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry.

Dr. Kundart is a member of the Vision Ergonomics Research group where he has been investigating visual response to handheld electronic devices.  He serves as the editor of the College's on-line continuing education.  His interest in food and nutrition is on display with his vegan menu.

Born in McAdoo, Penn., Dr. Kundart enjoys cycling and karaoke. Dr. Kundart and his wife Alicks share their home with several small animals, including a cat with low vision.


What does he enjoy most about teaching at the College of Optometry?

"I enjoy finding the most up-to-date information in the field and sharing it with our students. For example, there is an emerging interest in conjugate eye movements like saccades and pursuits, and what they can tell us about our patients’ general health and well-being, so we are now offering a core course on that in the fall of the second year. There is also an emerging hunger for evidence-based medicine, as we use in our new elective course on nutritional optometry. I enjoy staying up on the latest developments in the field and putting them into practice in our clinics."