Review of Optometric Laws and Regulations for the State of Oregon

Gregory Kautz, OD

COPE #16325-EP


Valid for Oregon Certification ONLY

1 credit, $39

Section: Ethics and Optometric Laws

This special course has been approved by the Oregon Board of Optometry to meet the Ethics Relicensure Requirement.


The Oregon Board of Optometry requires a course that reviews the Oregon laws as it relates to Optometry or an ethics course every other year when a licensee applies for renewal. Successful completion of this course will satisfy the review of Oregon law requirement. The course is an adaptation of the wording from Oregon law. It is not meant to replace the actual wording in the law. If one needs to reference the actual language, the source of the information is given in parentheses. One might say this is the Good News interpretation of Greek and Hebrew scriptures.



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