Management of Ocular Allergies

Denise Goodwin, OD

Dina Erickson, OD, FAAO

COPE #30183-AS

Expires December 1, 2013

Event #101971

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Section: Cornea, Contact Lens and Anterior Segment


Ocular allergy is a common condition affecting approximately 17 to 20% of the population, and its incidence is increasing.(1,2,3,4)  The conjunctiva is exposed to many environmental allergens and is often the location of initial contact with an allergen.  For this reason, the management of ocular allergies is a very important aspect of many vision care practices. 




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Figure 1.  This figure shows the mild hyperemia, chemosis, and glassy appearance of the eye typically seen in SAC and PAC.  (Image from Yolton DP. Use of Topical Steroids for the Treatment Of Anterior Segment Ocular Disease,