Oregon Optometric Physicians and the Governing State Laws


Gregory G. Kautz, OD

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Expires: August 1, 2013

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Section: Ethics and Optometric Laws


Introduction from the Oregon Board of Optometry:

The Oregon Board of Optometry has promulgated an administrative rule that requires all optometric physicians to have 1 hour of continuing optometric education in ethics or Oregon law and administrative rules for license renewal beginning in 2005.

The Board made this decision for the following reasons: (1.) Our society has seen what occurs when those in positions of leadership whether in business, political life or healthcare fail to act ethically. There is now a demand that there be assurances and institutional safeguards to ensure that leaders act responsibly. (2.) Licensing boards, professions and professional associations have all begun to renew the allegiance to ethical standards for their members. Particularly in healthcare - where doctors make decisions that can intimately impact patients' lives - it is vital that they have a framework on which to base those decisions. Society holds optometric physicians and other medical professionals to high standards of conduct; ethical decision making plays a large role in helping physicians to meet those standards. (3.) The increased scope of practice for optometric physicians puts them in situations that would not have been contemplated even a few years ago. This is part of the ongoing knowledge and increased sophistication with which optometric physicians need to practice. The use of oral medications now make it imperative that optometric physicians are even more aware of the laws and requirements that come with increased responsibility.

The increasing choices and implications in healthcare decision making are becoming more complicated and nuanced. Knowledge of Oregon law and administrative rules and ethical guidelines help optometric physicians make the critical decisions that keep their patients - the citizens of Oregon - safe and well served.

March 8, 2004 David Plunkett, Executive Director, Oregon Board of Optometry




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