Corneal Ectasias and Collagen Cross-Linking


Amanda Dunham, OD and David Schwirtz, OD

COPE #30771-AS

Expires: April 1, 2014

1 credits, $39

Section: Cornea, Contact Lens and Anterior Segment


Course Description:

This course will describe "the rise of the machines" in diagnosing corneal ectasias, and discuss the treatment of keratoconus and other ectasias with Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and UVA activation as an alternative to penetrating keratoplasty.


Course Objectives:

1. To differentially diagnose keratoconus, keratoglobus, pellucid marginal degeneration, and other corneal ectasias

2. To understand how corneal collagen cross-linking works to treat keratoconus

3. To identify potential candidates for the procedure

4. To guide the practitioner in postoperative care of these patients