Look for information on Insight 2012 Soon

Are you considering a career in the health professions, and interested in learning more about optometry? Do you come from a minority background? If so, we invite you to apply for InSight 2011.

Held on July 6, 7 and 8, 2011, Pacific University’s InSight 2011 is a program that aims to introduce underrepresented minority students to the profession of optometry. How does InSight accomplish its goal? We educate undergraduate minority pre-health students about the optometric profession through a 3-day, in-residence experience on Pacific University’s Forest Grove campus. The three days are filled with workshops, info sessions, case conferences and social events that prepare students to competitively finish up the pre-health curriculum and be a strong applicant to the graduate health program of their choice.


InSight attendees get to connect with faculty and administration, meet mentors and friends, and leave with memories and resources to help them throughout the rest of their undergraduate careers.

Current Pacific University College of Optometry students will serve as program ambassadors, resident advisors, and resources for InSight attendees.

Attendees will be required to pay for airfare, but program materials, food, and accommodations will be provided by Pacific University. Pacific will be providing welcome kits, t-shirts, accommodations in our newest residence hall Burlingham Hall, and meals. We will also provide transportation to and from Portland International Airport, as well as all program activities. We consider it an investment… in you!

Why InSight? Learning about Optometry

Choosing a career is hard. By now, you probably know that you are interested in the sciences- that you have a natural desire to use your skills in the health field- but that medical school is not necessarily for you. Naturally, this means you may have been considering the health professions; pharmacy, dentistry, podiatry, and maybe even optometry.

Optometry is a rewarding and fulfilling career, balancing relationships between people with cutting-edge science, technology and medicine. So much more than just the people who prescribe glasses, optometrists are primary healthcare providers. They diagnose and manage disease. They do minor surgeries. They discover brain tumors, support the management of diabetes, and can even specialize in such unique fields as sports vision, where they work with athletes to improve visual performance. As an optometrist, the day is an endless opportunity to improve the quality of life in your patients by protecting and improving one of the most important senses: vision.

But how can you learn more about this exciting profession? By attending InSight, you will have the opportunity to learn about the profession and discover if it is right for you. Because InSight also integrates an interdisciplinary case conference, where you learn about diabetes from the perspective of other health professions like Physical Therapy, Pharmacy and Physician Assistant Studies, you can also explore other health professions that might interest you.