Occupational Therapy at Pacific University

Degree Requirements

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The Curriculum

Because the design or framework of our curriculum evolves out of the mission and philosophy of the School of Occupational Therapy, it shapes the sequence and content of coursework and reflects our mission and philosophy. We encourage applicants to explore the design of the curricula of any schools they are considering to make sure that the mission and philosophy reflected in any given curriculum is one that fits with their beliefs and values.

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We have organized our coursework to decrease compartmentalization of curricular content and to facilitate greater integration and generalization of material. The faculty model the provision of occupational therapy in their teaching strategies, engaging the students and adapting to their needs as required. Encouraged to cultivate an attitude of inquiry, students develop critical reasoning skills by applying conceptual thinking to practice throughout their coursework.

Integral to the curriculum and woven throughout it, fieldwork experiences provide students with opportunities to integrate and apply academic learning at progressively higher levels of performance and responsibility.

There are two fieldwork components:

  1. Level I Fieldwork ( 200 hours)
  2. Level II Fieldwork ( 1200 hours).

We require a total of 1400 contact hours of fieldwork experiences by completion of the curriculum and prior to graduation. 


In addition we require an advance experiential opportunity in the form of innovative practice projects that serves as the final capstone for the program.

Career Facts

Expected Job Growth, 2006-2016

23%, much faster than average (June 2009) Bureau of Labor Statistics

Average OT Salary

$70,680 (May 2009)
Bureau of Labor Statistics

Professional Organization

American Occupational Therapy Association